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February 27th, 2015
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Krebs Custom Rifles and Shotguns
In order to ship a firearm, Circle 10 AK must have a signed, valid FFL on file.  Submission of a firearm order without an FFL on file will result in cancelleation of the order. 

FFL's may be submitted by mail or email (

Introducing The New Krebs Custom OP-14

We had a vision of what I wanted in an AK and took that design to a couple of upper tier AK manufacturers. An optics platform AK devoid of the traditional sights found on most AK pattern rifles.

This is what Marc Krebs came up with:

  • Base Rifle: Bulgarian Arsenal Side Folder
  • Krebs Custom trigger group, retaining plate, bullet guide and Keymod rail.
  • Proprietary Krebs Custom hinged top cover picatinny rail
  • KrebsKote finish
  • Magpul MOE AK Pistol Grip, Magpul Front & Rear MBUS Sights.
  • Magpul AK PMAG for 7.62x39mm Models & Tapco AK74 Magazine for 5.45x39mm Models
  • Chrome lined barrel with SRVV AKM muzzle brake pinned and welded to 16.25" overall.
  • Overall weight is 8 lbs unloaded.

    Production begins in approximately 1 month. Photo of older model with VLTOR adapter.
    New model will have standard AK side folding stock.
Krebs Custom OP-14 Rifle
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Krebs Custom AK103K-S - 7.62x39mm


Built on a Bulgarian Arsenal SLR107FR with Black Polymer Side Folding Stock, Krebs shortened the barrel, pinned and welded AK 103 Style muzzle brake, updated Krebs parts are installed and the rifle is refinished with extremely durable Krebs Kote. The end result is a rifle that is peerless in the industry in terms of fit, finish and overall quality. Comes with one 30 Round Magpul Magazine.

AK-103K-S Features

All sharp edges removed from rifle – especially on bolt handle, magazine release, and trigger guard.

Sights straightened and laser bore-sighted for symmetric and correct sight picture.

Precision barrel crown.

Barrel/muzzle brake measures 16.25 inches, giving the rifle a faster “feel” when transitioning targets. The brake is pinned & welded in place. The weld is not visible.

All contact surfaces on trigger parts have been ground & polished for smooth operation & a lighter-feeling trigger pull.

Pins held in place with Krebs Custom Trigger Pin Retaining Plate.

Krebs Custom Mk VI safety – facilitates smooth manipulation of the safety without the shooter having to remove their hand from the pistol grip. It also allows the shooter to manually lock the bolt in the “open” position.

Finish with the well-known (and well-regarded) “KrebsCoat” flat black synthetic alkyd baked-on finish, providing rust-proof and solvent-proof protection.

Overall Length: 35", 25" With Stock Folded

Weight: 7lbs

Caliber: 7.62x39mm

Krebs Custom KV-13 Rifle - Fixed Stock
KV-13s are backordered at this time. All backordered rifles must be paid in full before production starts, you will be given updates on the anticipated production date of your rifle.  Back ordered rifles will be shipped in the order in which orders were placed.  For more information, please  email us at
Krebs Custom KV-13 Rifle

The Krebs Custom KV-13 is the ultimate evolution of the AK rifle. Krebs starts with a standard VEPR AK rifle, strips it down, then rebuilds it from the ground up. The gas block is straightened, sights are aligned, all moving parts are fit, updated parts are installed and the rifle is refinished with extremely durable Krebs Kote. The end result is a rifle that is peerless in the industry in terms of fit, finish and overall quality.


  • 14.5" hammer forged, chrome lined barrel
  • Pinned Krebs 4 prong flash hider
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Fixed M4 type collapsible stock (NON FOLDING)
  • MOE butt stock
  • MOE AK pistol grip
  • Krebs UFM Keymod rail
  • Krebs Safety
  • Krebs Kote finish

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7.62x39mm 5.45x39mm
Krebs Custom KV-13/OP-14 Rifle - Waiting List Deposit
While not necessary to go on the waiting list, for a $600 deposit we will ensure that you will be at the top of the list and will guarantee your delivery time.
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